Jared Gollnitz Photography | About

Jared Is a native of Illinois but now resides in the Mid-Atlantic region. In addition to photography, Jared is also an avid web developer, musician, and Thoroughbred racehorse breeder, pedigree analyst, and researcher. Jared offers photography capabilities that go beyond the capabilities of the most advanced smartphones. Jared has studied the methods and techniques of some of the top photographers in America to offer clients a richer end-product that makes full use of the capabilities that only professional photography can offer.

As cool as cellphone cameras are nowadays, they still cannot compete with the capabilities of today's DSLR and mirrorless camera systems, along with the lenses and high-speed lighting systems that are available for use with these cameras. Jared can give you skillfully lit and focused images that place emphasis on the subject being photographed.

Jared's camera of choice, the Nikon D7200, includes redundant SD card slots so that the important moments are captured, even if a memory card fails during your shoot. Memory cards (think of this as the digital "film") are usually reliable, but they are not fail-proof. This is why Jared uses dual memory cards for your shoots. Most other photographers do not consider card failure a risk and will not go the extra mile to ensure your moments are preserved. Imagine paying for a shoot, only to have a card fail, letting your most important moment slip away forever. Jared takes every precaution to ensure this doesn't happen to you.

Jared offers photography for the following: Wedding and Engagement, Portraiture, School, Events, E-commerce / Products, Sports/Action, Commercial/Editorial, Nature/Wildlife, Landscape, Photojournalism. Jared also specializes in equine sales, capturing images for yearling and juvenile sales in Kentucky, Maryland, and New York.