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Do You Remember?

November 14, 2017

Hello, Moms.

Do you remember what it was like to be a tween? I do. Although I was active in school activities, I was always self-conscious about my braces, my slightly pudgy belly that I always carried around, my eyeglasses, you name it. 

Did you ever have any flattering, professional photos of you that showcased your positive physical and character attributes, as well as your interests and talents when you were that age? Maybe you did, but chances are that you did not.

Imagine, for a moment, the impact a single beautiful image could have done for you when you were that age... to be able to look at photos and not see too fat, too skinny, too many freckles, too short of hair, but to just see yourself as beautiful.

As you flip through photos of your youth, do you exist as a tween? Are you present in the photos, or are some of those moments from your tween years lost forever?

Where are all of the photos? Babies are so cute, new, and chubby. Toddlers have those big, bright eyes and, let's face it, they just do the darndest things. But those tween ages are often forgotten. At age 10-13, kids are children anymore but aren't quite teens.

Preserve the memory of your kids in one of the most dynamic, fun, and influential stages of their lives! Contact us today for a no-obligation session.

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