Jared Gollnitz Photography | One More Reason to Have Jared Gollnitz Photograph YOUR Wedding.

One More Reason to Have Jared Gollnitz Photograph YOUR Wedding.

September 23, 2017

When selecting a photographer for your wedding, how would you like to NOT worry about a fixed limit on hours and having one more constraint to stress you out during your wedding preparations, ceremony, and reception? Wouldn't it be nice to just pay one flat fee and have the photographer be dedicated to YOU for your full wedding weekend, including your rehearsal, ceremony, reception, and day-after?

If you answered "Yes!", then you should definitely contact us for your wedding photography.

The following are included in our one-price rate:

  • Photography of your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner - this is an often-overlooked, critical moment for the bride, her bridegroom, and their families, that we can use to capture the genuine smiles on the faces of friends and family who might be seeing each other for the first time in a long time. This time also familiarizes the wedding party with the us, the photography crew, so that come wedding day, the bride, groom, parents, and the rest of the wedding party are fully comfortable with the photography crew, so that everyone can just enjoy the precious moments of the ceremony and reception.
  • Photography of your wedding ceremony.
  • Photography of your wedding reception.
  • Photography of your wedding and reception decor and details. It is important to have a skilled product photographer like Jared Gollnitz capture dazzling images of your details.
  • Photography of the day after the wedding - catch photos of your new glow after you've just spent your first night as husband and wife!
  • "A La Carte" printing and downloading of edited photos.
  • Pricing varies based on availability.

As destination weddings are always popular, it should be noted that travel costs and admission for the photographer and assistants at venues requiring an admission are the responsibility of the client.

If you would like to book Jared Gollnitz for your wedding and leave the worry about your wedding photography behind you, contact us today!