Jared Gollnitz Photography | Weddings

Why choose Jared Gollnitz for your wedding? Because he provides a professional, worry-free experience for the bride, groom, parents, and the event planner. The sitting fee includes your full event weekend (rehearsal, ceremony, reception, and day-after). You don't have to worry about time limits, or choosing between limited packages of products. There is no time limit and no limit on the number of photos captured and edited for your event!

Jared's use of industry-leading software also ensures that you have your photos quickly and easily available for purchase and for easy sharing with your friends and family. Our platform makes it easy for you to order individual prints, albums, and other custom items with your images on them. 

We can also create a custom website domain (www.jenniferandjoeswedding.com, for example) for your wedding gallery, for up to one year.

No hassles. No worries. No limits.

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