Jared specializes in Microsoft SharePoint and other Microsoft stack technologies associated with Microsoft’s Office 365 offerings.

Jared is a native of Illinois but now resides in the Mid-Atlantic region. In addition to his expertise in Office 365 technology, Jared is also an avid photographer, musician, and Thoroughbred racehorse breeder, pedigree analyst, and researcher.


Jared also offers photography capabilities that go beyond the those of your run-of-the-mill natural light photographers. Jared has studied the methods and techniques of some of the top head shot, portrait, and outdoors photographers in America to offer clients his own unique style that makes full use of modern photography / lighting capabilities.

Click here for a small sampling of images captured by Jared.


Jared Gollnitz is an industry-recognized leader in data services for the commercial Thoroughbred public auctions. Jared utilizes the latest database development offerings from Microsoft, utilizing ASP.net, JavaScript, OData, SQL Server, and Windows Azure to create dynamic, effective, reliable, and secure displays of horses being offered for sale. We can easily add on dynamic data tables to websites created using traditional html, or we can add them to new website templates such as Blogger.com (Google blogs), WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and any others that allow the rendering of custom JavaScript.

Some examples of my work include the Texas Thoroughbred Association and Minnesota Thoroughbred Association interactive catalogs:

Texas 2019 2 Year Old Sale

Jared has also developed a new prototype of the catalog service, displayed here using a Blogger.com (BlogSpot) site: http://breedforspeed.blogspot.com/2018/10/equine-sales-company-of-louisiana-2018_5.html 

The demonstrated prototypes store their data on SQL Azure… a cost-effective, powerful, industry-standard and enterprise-grade database platform.


Jared also spends many hours each week studying the pedigrees of top Thoroughbred racehorses of both yesterday and today to come up with the most predictably successful breeding scenarios for both mares and stallions all across America and even some International bloodstock.

If you would like Jared to give you a quote for data services, storage and presentation of your data, photography, or Thoroughbred pedigree planning and research please schedule a free consultation today!